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Aunt Flo's Kitchen

Cramp Bites: Rose + Sesame (Pack of 8)

Cramp Bites: Rose + Sesame (Pack of 8)

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A combination of dates, tahini, walnuts, and hormone-balancing, Middle Eastern spices, this sweet treat is Grandma's Original recipe, fresh off the boat. Her recipe is designed to naturally alleviate your period cramps, so you can feel your best, regardless of your menstrual agenda. The Bites are also vegan and gluten-free!

How many do I need? We recommend eating 2 balls each time you experience menstrual pain. Of course, everyone's bodies and genetics are different, so this may vary! 

How many come in a pack? One box of Cramp Bites comes with 8 Bites with rose and sesame coatings

Can non-menstruators eat this, too? Our snacks are food, and if they do not have any aversions to the ingredients, they can snack :)

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