Introducing Cramp Bites

A combination of dates, tahini, walnuts, and hormone-balancing, Middle Eastern spices, this sweet treat is Grandma's recipe, fresh off the boat. Her recipe naturally counteracts the nutritional deficiencies causing period cramps, thereby working to restore hormonal imbalance, the root of the issue.

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  • Arianna

    I always have cravings around my period. This is the first time I’ve been able to satisfy my cravings without indulging in Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice-cream, which I never knew heightened my symptoms

  • Jordan

    My PCOS causes me to lie in bed for days so much that I can't even get to my desk to take a virtual call. I hate taking medication and this is the first non-medicative product that actually helps me get up in the morning!!!

  • Yasmine

    My husband saw me unable to get out of bed and so he bought my first box. He actually finished it before I could even try! We're both very happy with Cramp Bites - I no longer have to feel bad taking medication, and he gets to see me achieve greatness :)

  • Science Backed
  • Plant Based
  • No Added Sugar
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Grandma Approved
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Armita's Story

Shayesteh, Armita's grandmother, made sweet treats that eased Armita’s menstrual pain for years. After she started college and no longer had access to Middle Eastern ingredients, Armita’s period cramps worsened. In August 2022, Armita’s menstrual pain led her to the ER; months later, her day-to-day activities remained a struggle. To mitigate the chances of people with periods feeling inhibited by their cramps, and to share her story and her culture, Armita created Cramp Bites.